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Home of 2030….now

Today the winners of the Home of 2030 competition have been announced, but win or lose, we know how important it is to get future housing right for the next generation.

We took the 5 Capitals approach to try to redress the balance towards the Social, Human and Natural worlds, and the Construction Innovation Hub has just come out with a value assessment tool based around 4 Capitals. This is what’s needed, as well as a human approach to offsite manufacture, which we think is achieved through a distributed, near site “flying factory” approach for local skills and training.

Not only that, but a substantial shift in how the Construction industry operates and how homes are procured is essential: if SMEs are part of the solution, then squeezing the subcontractors till they go bust – that so characterises the industry – has to stop. Fair terms, paying on time, treating each other with inclusivity and respect, and collaborating for shared value outcomes are what the next generation expect of us.

Here are a few snapshots of our second stage submission – we hope you like them!

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