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humblebee hive – retrofit #9

The Shutter Saga – Handmade in Manchester It’s been a while, but here it is… The post about external shutters! (Incidentally, while the retrofit team were installing them and I was pondering this article, Spotify suggested this “Made in Manchester” playlist – why not give it a listen...

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Retrofit of 1978 detached house

humblebee hive – retrofit #8

Modelling and Monitoring Haha, despite the picture above, not that kind of modelling… Give me some numbers! Having given you lots of story, I thought it was time I gave you some performance figures, both calculated and measured… Some might say I’m not a typical engineer,...

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humblebee hive – retrofit #3

Windooooows! So exciting: finally met the team on d-day: Richard – retrofit coordinator – Chris & Erol (Team “Windows”) and Tim & Liam (Team “External Wall Insulation”) and the Green Building Store “Performance” windows arrived on the...

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